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Loading XML Strings with SimpleXML in PHP 5

Loading XML Strings with SimpleXML in PHP 5
In the second of a three-part series on 'Using SimpleXML in PHP 5', Devshed author Alejandro Gervasio introduces you to the features and functions of the 'SimpleXML' extension that comes with PHP 5, and shows, with hands-on examples, how to implement the set of XML-parsing functions that are included in this library.

A brief recapitulation of topics dealt previously shows you the basics of using the Simplexml extension that comes with PHP 5. The first part demonstrated how to query data (as array elements), pulling out the bits you need. Finally, Gervasio also demonstrated how to combine these two bits of functionality into a simple class.

The second article of the series starts by demonstrating the simplexml_load_string functionality. This function enables you to take data and follow it with a method to pull out just the data you need from the resulting object. Finally, Gervasio helps you construct an 'XMLParser' class to show a more object-oriented approach to performing the same tasks.

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