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General Features:
  • Easy to install with the web based installer.
  • Powerful cache engine: The built-in engine will automatically cache dynamic pages as static HTML, meaning zero database queries for maximum speed.
  • Powerful friendly URL engine.
  • Advanced template engine.
  • Meta keywords, descriptions for website, categories and articles.
  • Ability to include 3rd party or custom PHP scripts in the layout.
  • Ability to use separated templates for categories.
  • Automatically creating thumbnail and resizing large images.
  • Sending email to friend.
  • Print version.
  • Contacting to admin by email.
  • The administration/publishing interface is web browser-based and it can be accessed from anywhere.
  • The site design can be completely customized.
  • Formating content easily with the WYSIWYG editor.
  • Multi-Level Access.
  • Powerful user logs.
  • Easy to Backup/ Restore/ Repair database.
  • Having statistics by Monthly, Daily, Hourly reports. There are also Countries, Browsers and Referers reports.

Category Management:
  • Adding/Editing/Deleting categories and subcategories.
  • Easy to sort categories into any order.
  • Using different templates for categories in order to make website interesting.
  • Easy to move articles from categories to the others.

Article Management:
  • Adding/Editing/Deleting multi-pages articles with the powerfull WYSIWYG editor.
  • Ability to Enable/Disable/Delete articles.
  • Automatically creating thumbnails.
  • Unlimited images in one article.
  • Ability to postpone the displayed time of articles in the future!
  • Grouping relative articles by choosing the same Topic.
  • Moving articles from category to another one.
  • Comment Management: Easy to turn On/Off comment feature for articles.

Galery Management :
  • Ability to manage galery categories
  • Ability to manage galery pictures.
  • Choosing pages in which pictures are displayed.
  • Showing as slideshow.

Video Management :
  • Ability to manage video categories
  • Ability to manage videos.
  • Choosing pages in which videos are displayed.

RSS Import/ Export :
  • RSS Import: Import articles from RSS resources.
  • RSS Export: Export your RSS feeds.

Event Management :
  • Manage events.
  • Display events in calendar mode.

Poll Management :
  • Adding/Editing/Deleting polls
  • Ability to add poll with unlimited vote options.
  • Ability to edit available time (start time, end time).
  • Ability to choose pages in which polls are displayed.

Newsletter Management :
  • Adding/Editing/Deleting newsletter categories
  • Ability to manage subcribed emails.
  • Ability to manage newsletter issues and send the issue to all emails at any time your like.
Weblink Management :
  • Ability to manage link categories
  • Ability to manage website links.

FAQ, Ads Management :
  • Ability to manage faqs.
  • Ability to manage ads.

User Administration:
  • Ability to create users with different access levels.
  • Moving users from one groups to another.
  • Ability to view online users. Administrator can also kick other users out of Admin Control Panel.
  • Ability to add more fields to user profile.