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Loading XML Strings with SimpleXML in PHP 5

[06.17.2006] Loading XML Strings with SimpleXML in PHP 5
In the second of a three-part series on 'Using SimpleXML in PHP 5', Devshed author Alejandro Gervasio introduces you to the features and...
Improve PHP Performance by Caching Database Results

[06.17.2006] "Caching the results of database queries can dramatically improve script execution time and minimize the load on the database server", Yuli Vasiliev writes. According to Yuli, this...
PHP Debugging Tip

[06.16.2006] Scott Johnson found that a record in a db table wasn’t being inserted correctly, and wanted to investigate further on why the setter function was getting called incorrectly. "This meant knowing
A Take on PHP Shell

[06.16.2006] "PHP has been in great need of a decent shell environment for some time now", Demian Turner writes. Jan Kneschke has come to the rescue and implemented PHP Shell in userland PHP, which ...
Secure PHP Applications Via Password Hashing

[06.07.2006] Do you have security issues on your web application regarding user profiles stored in a database with plain text passwords? A recent article by James McGlinn over at PHP Security ...
An intro to using the GD image library with PHP

[04.13.2005] There are lots of functions available in the GD library, so get out there and experiment with them. The possibilities are endless!
Custom Error 404 Documents with PHP

[04.08.2005] Want to direct all of your Error 404 Not Found errors to your website index instead of displaying that plain and unlpleasant looking Error page? Read this tutorial and we'll show you exactly how!

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