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SoSo News Express Pro 2.0 Final released !!

[12.06.2006] SoSoVN would like to announce the immediate release of News Express Pro 2.0 Final version. After long time waiting for this upgrading, now it is really available for all members. You can login Member Area, download and try the new version immediately.

The new version, SoSo News Express Pro 2.0, comes with big upgrades from the version 1.2.2. This is also the first release of Pro series. SoSo News Express has been separated to two products: Pro and Standard (this will be released soon).

The new release includes the following changes:
- Fixed bugs: SMTP, login problem, category name with special chars,...
- Upgraded WYSIWYG Editor (compatible with IE and Firefox)
- Events: Allow store events before 1970.
- Newsletter: Categories, issues management,...
- More tools for database.
- Mozilla, Firefox compatible
- Multi admin emails
- Separated language files in order to increase speed
- SEO: Add Keyword, descriptions for category, article; Add editable slogan for website.
- Added Statistics, IP to country.
- Added RSS Exporter, Importer.
- Added new module: Web links.
- Created more template.
- Created more article types.
- Used AJAX Technology: Statistics, News in Pictures,...

The online demo (front-page) is also available here:

Soso News Express updated

[02.19.2006] Dear all customers, there are some errors in version 1.2.2 and we have uploaded updating files. Now you can login member area and download them. We apologize for any inconvenience. Best regards.
Happy new year - Special offer for you

[12.25.2005] Happy new year!! is offering special price for Soso News Express product. We are pleased to announce that you can buy the script only with $285. Click here to view all features of the script.
Soso News Express 1.2.2 released

[07.06.2005] Soso News Express version 1.2.2 was released. In this version, we have fixed some errors and added some more features. We also improved cache engine, license checking and page order checking. All customers can download total files or changed files in Member Area.
Soso News Express 1.2.1 released

[06.27.2005] Soso News Express version 1.2.1 was released. In this version, we have fixed some bugs: Search and Tell Friend modules, fix errors of deleting articles and categories. Beside, we also correct spelling mistake of WYSIWYG editor: "Remoce Col" --> "Remove Col". All customers can download total files or only changed files in Member Area.
Soso News Express 1.2 released

[06.24.2005] We released SoSo News Express 1.2. It was fixed bugs and added more modules. In this version, you can post multi-pages articles. This feature is very usefull for many sites. Beside, your users can also post their comment for articles. Their comments must be approved by administrator before showing.
We also offer new price of our script, the script becomes better and cheaper. Please have a look here.
Upgrading and supporting time

[05.29.2005] We decided to increase upgrading and supporting time for all customers. Beside, member area is complete but customers can not access it at this moment because it is only suitable for new version of the script. New version of Soso News Express will be released soon.

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