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  • Easy to install with the web based installer.
  • Powerful cache engine: The built-in engine caches dynamic pages and save as static HTML files, meaning zero database query for maximum speed.
  • Powerful friendly URL engine.
  • Advanced template engine.
  • Meta keywords, descriptions for website, categories and articles.
  • Ability to use separated templates for categories.
  • Automatically creating thumbnail and resizing large images.
  • Formating content easily with the WYSIWYG editor.
  • Multi-Level Access.
  • Right-to-left template available.
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Soso News Express 3.3 released!

[01.10.2016] The new version, SNE 3.3, has been released with the following updates: 
- Fixed: Problem in Event calendar.
- Added: Facebook comment plugin option.
- Added: Detail photos for Gallery.
- Added: comment plugin for Gallery & Video.
- Updated: IP-to-country database.
- Updated: Social sharing: Facebook, Twitter, Google plus.
- Updated: Cache engine.
- Updated: WYSIWYG editor.
- Updated: Absolute new template for index page (LTR and RTL).
- Updated: Advertisement module, can insert javascript code such as Google Ads or other ads.
- Updated: Event calendar - can show special events or search articles by date.
- Updated: Miscellaneous codes in AdminCP and Index pages.
Soso News Express 3.2 released!

[06.01.2014] The new version, SNE 3.2, has been released with the following updates: 
- Fixed: Error in pagination in the searching results.
- Fixed: Error in RSS Reader in some cases.
- Fixed: Error in AdminCP Newsletter.
- Fixed: Error in resizing images.
- Fixed: Error in article rating.
- Fixed: Error in template of home page when view in Firefox.
- Fixed: Error in email validation in contact page and comment form.
- Fixed: Error in gallery slide
- Updated: Improved friendly URL for Search Engine Optimization.
- Updated: Option to show Source-Link of articles which are imported by RSS Import module.
- Updated: RSS detail page with thumbs.
- Updated: Searching in article page.
- Updated: Comment posting in article page.